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Non-Resident Attorney Fee (Pro Hac Vice)

A reputable attorney who resides outside of Texas and who is licensed in another state or foreign jurisdiction-but not in Texas-may seek permission to participate in the proceedings of any particular cause in a Texas court or body by following the steps set out in Texas Government Code §82.0361 and Rule 19 of the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Texas. Satisfying the non-resident attorney fee is the "mandatory initial requirement" in the process.

The non-resident attorney fee is $250 per attorney, per cause. Use the on-line Non-Resident Attorney Fee Submission Form to submit the fee. We will process your Submission Form by the end of our next business day.*

After processing your completed Submission Form, we will issue an Acknowledgement Letter containing the non-resident attorney name, the cause number, and the Texas court or body in which the proceeding is pending. The Acknowledgment Letter will serve as proof that the non-resident attorney has satisfied the required fee. We will deliver the Acknowledgment Letter by email, as instructed in the Submission Form. Once we deliver the Acknowledgment Letter, we cannot alter its contents, and we cannot refund or transfer the fee for any reason. For more information, see Rule 19 of the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Texas, Texas Government Code §82.001 et seq., and our FAQs. (For information on asking the Supreme Court of Texas to waive or reduce the non-resident attorney fee, see Request to Waive or Reduce Non-Resident Attorney Fee.)

After satisfying the fee requirement, a non-resident attorney must then file a motion in the Texas court or body in which the attorney is requesting permission to appear. The motion must be accompanied by our Acknowledgment Letter, as well as a motion from a resident practicing Texas attorney. See Rule 19 for information on the required form and content of these motions. The decision to grant or deny a motion for permission to participate is made by the Texas court or body in which it is filed.

*In addition to Texas state holidays, our office is also closed for business the entire week of the February bar exam and the entire week of the July bar exam. We may be delayed in processing Submission Forms during these weeks.


Trouble Shooting

  • If you cannot find your acknowledgment letter, please check your Junk or Spam folder.
  • The submission form works best in Internet Explorer. If you use Google Chrome and encounter problems, please try again with Internet Explorer.