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The Board of Law Examiners will courteously receive and investigate complaints concerning our employees and services, pursuant to Tex. Gov’t Code §82.011.

To submit a complaint, please
                        Board of Law Examiners
                        P. O. Box 13486
                        Austin, Texas 78711-3486    
                        Attention: Executive Director

Please include your name and mailing address, and copies of any relevant information or evidence.

We will tell you when we receive your complaint, and we will tell you the outcome of our investigation. If necessary, we will give you updates every 90 days.

If your complaint is about one of our employees, our Human Resources Coordinator and our Executive Director will review it. If your complaint involves our services, appropriate division directors will review it. In some cases, we will ask other parties--internal or external--to investigate.

If the evidence reflects that you or anyone else has deliberately given us false information, our Executive Director may present this  to the appropriate prosecutor under the appropriate Texas statutes. All complaints and related documents may be subject to the Texas Public Information Act. All documents and other items submitted to us become our property and cannot be returned. Failure to supply requested information may result in the dismissal of the complaint. You may withdraw a complaint—however, our Executive Director may decide to continue investigating it.

If necessary, you may submit a complaint orally or anonymously, but this may limit our ability to fully respond to your concerns.

Complaints against Foreign Legal Consultants

To file a complaint against a Foreign Legal Consultant, start here:  FLC Complaint Form