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July 2022 Texas Bar Exam Pass List

The Board of Law Examiners has released a list of all examinees who passed the July 2022 Texas Bar Examination. The Board delivered individual exam result letters to each person who took the July 2022 Texas Bar Examination, unless an examinee’s scores were being held for other reasons.

We have posted the pass list here:

The pass list will also be posted here:

Statistical reports will be posted next week.

The State Bar of Texas will hold a New Lawyers Induction Ceremony for the eligible July 2022 examinees on November 14, 2022 at Bass Concert Hall in Austin.

Any person who is authorized to administer oaths—including a judge, retired judge, clerk, or notary—may swear in an eligible examinee, either before or after they receive their license in the mail. A person authorized to administer the oath may administer it to an eligible examinee remotely, such as by videoconferencing or teleconferencing, and may attest to the oath electronically by sending the eligible examinee an electronic or scanned image of their signature on the oath form. The person administering the oath must also comply with any other applicable requirements; for example, a notary must comply with the requirements for online notarization. See Tex. Gov’t Code §406.101 et seq.

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