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New Policies and Procedures for the July 2019 Bar Exam

  • In order to enhance safety and security, examinees can no longer leave unattended backpacks, bags, lunches, study materials, or any other Prohibited Item anywhere at the site. We will not provide a Personal Belongings Area at the site for these items. Examinees may bring Required Items and Permitted Items into the exam room in a clear plastic zip-lock bag. Any unattended items found anywhere at the site will be disposed of.
  • We will provide secure phone storage each day of the exam at the Houston, Fort Worth, and Austin sites. Each examinee at the Houston, Fort Worth, and Austin sites may bring one cell phone to be stored. We will make reasonable efforts to keep stored phones secure; however, the Board is not responsible for lost or damaged phones. Phones that have been stored cannot be accessed during the exam or during lunch breaks on Wednesday and Thursday of the exam.
  • We will not provide phone storage at the Waco, Lubbock, or San Antonio sites. If you are testing at one of these sites, please plan accordingly. If you would like to change your first site choice to Houston, Fort Worth, or Austin, please message your licensure analyst.
  • Where two Texas Essay Questions cover the same subject, one question will be presented in each session. No changes are being made to the subjects that are covered by the Texas Essays or the number of questions that cover each subject. Texas Essay subjects will still include business associations (2 questions), wills and administration (2 questions), family law (2 questions), Uniform Commercial Code (2 questions), real property (including oil and gas) (2 questions), trusts and guardianships (1 question), consumer rights (including DTPA and insurance) (1 question), and cross-over topics listed in Appendix A. However, essay questions covering the same subject will not be presented together, and they will be presented in different sessions. For example, if the first family law question is presented as Question 1, then the second family law question will not be presented as Question 2. Instead, the second family law question will be presented in the afternoon session. The trust and guardianship question and the consumer rights question will also be presented in different sessions—one will appear in the morning session, and the other will appear in the afternoon session.  

We appreciate your cooperation as we implement these new policies in order to administer the Bar Exam safely, fairly, and efficiently.

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